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People Helping People

in Hernando County, Inc.

History of the HELP Center in pictures (from 2015 to date)

          It took nearly 4 years to convert an old hardware, that had been vacant for over 12 years, into the HELP Center at 1396 Kass Circle. After purchasing the building in 2015, PHP started fundraising so they could renovate the facility into a community resource center.  Below shows some of the steps to completion: 


  1. PHP buys Walker Plaza & changes name to PHP Plaza               2. This room became PHP's dining room                     3. The future multipurpose room before renovation

 4. Plumbing installed for restrooms                 5. Steel 2x4 beams to create walls for the restrooms                  6. Drywall is delivered while ductwork is installed above


 7. Ductwork and drywall is being installed                           8.  Ductwork and ceiling brackets are installed                   9.   Publix provides volunteers for painting

 10.   Flooring is laid down over concrete floors                       11.   New kitchen equipment is delivered                               12. Doors are installed after interior painting 


 13.  Kitchen is open for PHP's first meal                                                                                                                                          14. The Chili Cook-Off is PHP's first event at HELP Center

  16. A video conference at Multipurpose room                17. Dining Room tables placed for social distancing                 18. Commercial Kitchen at the HELP Center