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©2018 People Helping People In Hernando County, Inc.

In the interest of public health and in compliance with local health advisories, PHP is currently operating on a very limited basis.
We will do our best to continue helping people.
Our top priority is to keep our community safe.

Who We Are

People Helping People is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable corporation founded in 2009 by a diverse group of dedicated volunteers. We are an interfaith organization and do not promote a religious affiliation. PHP relies entirely on donations and grants from individuals, businesses, religious groups, clubs, and civic organizations to sustain its mission of alleviating hunger in Hernando County, Florida.  

Our Mission

PHP’s mission to end hunger in Hernando County by breaking the cycle of poverty among the people served.  Besides providing food, PHP will link people to benefits, education, training and resources empowering them to help themselves to become productive members of Hernando County.

Location:        Hernando County, Florida

Population:     182,000

Poverty Level:  15.4%

ALICE:            30% Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.

Our Core Programs


Our original program that was established to provide a meal for anyone who needs a nutritious hot meal, served with dignity.  Our primary recipients are the elderly, the unemployed and families.


With 71% of our elementary and middle school children on free and reduced meals, we established this backpack program to provide weekend food for those kids who the school determines as the most needy.  


Senior Blessings - Many elderly citizens in Hernando County try to get by on meager Social Security checks.  Often by the end of the month, they often need our supplemental food to make it until the first of the following month.

Neighborhood Blessings

Our newest program provides food for those individuals who are living in the woods, in their cars or in someone's garage or shed.  Besides food, we provide shelter, toiletries, camp stoves and basic necessities for the most vulnerable in the county.


Why We Do It

The number of residents per square mile has increased by 41% in just 17 years.
46% of adults in make up the local labor force compared to the state avg. of 62%.
34.6% of local residents work outside of the county compared to the FL average of 17.5%; double the state average.
15.4% of people live below the Federal Poverty Line.

Hernando County


Per capita admissions to prison is 31.8% higher than the state average.
On average 27.9% of state residents earn a bachelors degree, which is almost double the Hernando County rate of 16.4%.
The average cost per meal in Hernando County is $3.21 which is 7% more expensive than the national average of $3.00 according to the 2016 study completed by the organization Feeding America.
The average annual wage in Hernando County is $35,750, which is 23.9% lower than the FL statewide average.​
Hernando County ranks 6th in the state of Florida (per capita) for bankruptcy filings.

Just A Little Help Makes All The Difference

People Helping People programs and partnerships help people access food, benefits, programs, and resources to provide pathways out of poverty and hardships in Hernando County.  Benefits include:

  • greater nutritional value and quantity of available food

  • less panhandling and begging on the streets

  • reduced jail time as some individuals resort to crime to provide food for their families

  • reduced emergency room visits and hospitalization due to poor nutrition

  • better grades, improved reading skills, increased attendance, and better behavior in school by needy students receiving weekend food

How You Can Help

Money For Programs

Volunteer Your Time

Partner With Us

Donate Goods


Location & Hours


PO Box 6182

Spring Hill FL 34611

Visit (no USPS service)

1396 Kass Cir

Spring Hill FL 34606




Primary: +1 (352) 686-4466

Hunger Helpline: +1 (352) 405-1115

Help Center: +1 (352) 515-1663