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Tis the Season

We are so thankful that PHP is part of Hernando County.  The County's people, organizations and businesses are so supportive and generous.  All of us at PHP want you to know we appreciate your support! 

Our virtual Hoedown, that just ended on October 31, was a huge success for an online event.  Covid-19 ended most of our fundraising, while demand from hungry people for food has increased. support the feeding of hungry children, seniors, working poor and homeless in Hernando County. 

As we enter the Holiday Season, we hope you'll keep in mind all the less fortunate neighbors in Hernando County.  Your donations allow us to continue to provide food and necessities to hungry children, low-income families and individuals who are suffering during our pandemic.  Thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Executive Director's report

As we round the corner to the end of 2020, I'm sure I'm not the only one looking forward to 2021. This has been a rough year on many people and organizations, PHP among them. Although we continue to feed people when they need it, we're still trying to adapt to this " new way of life" in our programs. The public has been very generous with donations so it's been a big help to us.  On a side note, if you haven't been to the HELP Center before, you can take a virtual tour by clicking this linkI want to thank our volunteers for their hard work and wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays!

~Becky Burton,


PHP's headquarters is located at the HELP Center at 1396 Kass Circle, Spring Hill, 34606. The hours are limited due to COVID-19, so it's best to call (352) 686-4466 to pickup food or to inquire about something you need.  If you need to enter the building, MASKS are required.  If you do not have a mask, we will give you one, as the health department strongly recommends that you wear one inside a building.  

Currently, the HELP Center is open for showers on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9AM until 2PM for homeless individuals.  Appointments must be made before you are allowed to shower at the HELP Center.  Please bring a clean set of clothes to your appointment time for dressing after your shower.  

Need A Kitchen?

Have you been told that you should open a restaurant?  Or that you make an amazing dessert?  You might make the world's best chocolate cheesecake but if you sell it out of your kitchen, you'll be shut down before you know it.  Luckily for you, there's something called an Incubator Kitchen. It's a licensed commercial kitchen for rent on an hourly basis as you need it.  And People Helping People has one in Spring Hill!  With an incubator kitchen you can reserve the kitchen, cook your cheesecake and legally sell your special dessert. PHP Kitchen may be the perfect place to launch a local eating establishment or start a mail-order food business.  The first step is to make an appointment to see PHP's Kitchen and then discuss how it would work for you. See our website page by clicking here or call Becky at (352) 686-4466.

Space for Rent

Our HELP Center has available space to rent to individuals and organizations to accommodate both large and small groups.  The Center has a dining room, multipurpose room, commercial kitchen and restrooms.  The furniture allows for flexible and social distancing during these current times.  The entire space was renovated in the past year and has had little use due to the pandemic.  For information about rental,  please fill out the form for our calendar or contact Becky at (352) 686-4466 or

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